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Reverend Doshin Kusan

At Forest Way Zen and the Way of the Forest Hermitage in Doonan, Sunshine Coast, we practice Zen in the Soto style while maintaining our Diamond Sangha heritage. All new students should arrange an introductory meeting, enabling them to make an informed decision about Zen and understand its relevance in the 21st century, before attending their first meditation sitting.

Winter Sesshin at Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre 2019

Altar at Doonan Zendo, Full Moon Ceremony


Forest Way Zen places emphasis on the ordinary moments of our life and encourages the members to take responsibility for their actions. Students are shown how to examine the relevance of Zen in the 21st century. The aim is to support students to find their own spiritual liberation leading to awakening.

If you’d like to know how to live life with greater purpose, less suffering, and more joy, please contact Forest Way Zen.

Regular meditation sittings in the Doonan Zendo 2020 are temporarily suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

All of the below sessions are FREE but a DANA (Donation) will help the Forest Way Zen continue to run these events.

Upcoming Retreats  - ZAZENKAI AND SESSHIN

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM REVEREND DOSHIN KUSANThis year's planned 5 day Sesshin at the Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre in August has been cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition we have temporarily suspended regular meetings and intensives. Our Sangha has been sitting regularly using Zoom and we are finding our virtual Zendo to be popular and convenient for most of our members. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us. The format consists of meditation, chanting and Teisho (talk by our teacher) when possible.In the future, we plan to resume short retreats for people who are still feeling their way into Zen. These Zazenkai or short retreats help us to develop our deep Zen practice. They help us develop the skills and confidence to attend some longer Zen training.I hope to see you sitting in Zen on some of these days in the future.Warm Regards to all Zen studentsReverend Doshin Kusan

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